Work is Worship! Really?

Its said Work is worship — an age old prophecy.

How does our reality correlate with the age old prophecy?

Why do we feel its so hard to always be be positive about work?

If we really believe work is worship, why aren’t we motivated enough?

Well... Here's the thing...

As we get down to work, its quite common for us to perceive its reality as

— sometimes swim along the tide
— often times swim against the tide
— at times just watch it flow from sidelines.

As it gets under our skin we feel burnt out. Its no longer manageable and our mind starts resisting it.

Same work now appears boring as the push back from our minds becomes dominant.

So much so that unless we take a break, its no longer possible to apply our minds.

As our minds vacillate among these 3 states, does our worship for work go for a toss?

And if its indeed so, how do we free ourselves from feeling guilty about not worshipping our work?

OK! This is too much of analysis paralysis!

Let’s park these mind games aside for a while and try to objectively look at the reality of work.

What if we consider these states as part of a bigger game?

A game of continuum that embodies highs and lows with plateaus in between them?

If we consider this proposition for a while, it’d be natural for us to vacillate between a high followed by plateau and then a low, thus completing a cycle.

And these cycles repeat themselves so that we evolve at the end of each one.

So this continuum of evolution is what makes sense to us, ultimately.

When it does, some bad days are precursors to good times just waiting to happen.

This sense of feeling sort of relieves us from much of pain, ushering in a sense of well being that only helps us to become better versions of ourselves!

Here’s what you can do:

— Reflect on your current mood as you go through your daily work.
— If you feel absorbed in your work and feel satisfied, you’re steadily peaking.
— Keep a watch on new skills you’re able to learn as you’re peaking.
— Congratulate yourself for upskilling, which is good sign of evolution and growth!!
— If you feel bored even while you’re fully absorbed at your work, note that the plateau has set in.
— At this stage, don’t let the Boredom affect you by taking refreshing breaks which could be a planned vacation as well.
— Thus , you’re intelligently utilising the opportunities to uplift yourself!
— For some reason, you don’t feel rejuvenated and start losing interest, don’t fret about it.
— Acknowledge the fact that you need more time to recoup from the burnout.
— Allow yourself to objectively watch your negative feelings or emotions during the low or boring period.
— What you can do at this stage is this: figure out the new skill or activity you’ve been doing while you’re peaking.
— Persist with the new activity or skill that you picked up while peaking.
— You may do some low key activities to see that the negative feelings get plateaued out.
— Eventually, the momentum that you may gradually gain will put you back into high performance mode!
— You just need to trust your instincts and be persistent in your Evolutionary path.

Those who’ve subconsciously or unknowingly sensed the cues make the right moves to reap the best of harvest!!

All that’s needed is to be creative in delivering outcomes that harness our talents to solving problems the world endlessly seems to be suffering from!!!



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Ramana Murthy H V

Ramana Murthy H V

Business Excellence Analyst building futuristic SEVA (Sustainable, Evolutionary, Visionary and Agile) Business Models leveraging self-organizing Systems