Mission Impossible?

Be earnest in committing to selflessly serving others
Whenever you feel help isn’t forthcoming from others
As it is this enriching endeavor that uplifts your spirits
Even if it doesn’t appear worthwhile to brave all odds

Be a Braveheart in fulfilling extraordinary dreams
Whenever your vision is all about creating wonders
As constantly winning sets you apart from others
Even if you’re sometimes short of skilled resources

Be responsively diligent in keeping your promises
Whenever you might feel its not worth the hassles
As keeping promises you made is all that matters
Even if they seem to conflict with your right priorities

Be stalwart in leading your teams at marching upstreams
Whenever your teams look upto you to cross extremes
As Leadership is about supporting all in the teams
Even if all are not creme de la creme in the teams

Be persistent on the path to accomplishing missions
Whenever you’re up against overcoming obstacles
As its important persevering during daunting situations
Even if you feel overwhelmed by challenging targets

Be meticulously exact in planning for achieving goals
Whenever teams agree upon executing agile strategies
As alignment is crucial between priorities and strategies
Even if clarity till last mile is obscure among teams

Be cautiously vigilant in sensing unexpected surprises
Whenever obstacles drive you crazy at going bonkers
As things don’t work themselves out favorably anyways
Even if you’re not surely good at mitigating all the risks

Be consistent in putting disciplined all out efforts
Whenever teams strive to excel for becoming masters
As progressive constant wins are essential for teams
Even if it means being flexible at changing plans

Be resilient while striving to stay on course for wins
Whenever there’s pressure on getting needed resources
As there’s zero tolerance for showing leniencies
Even if teams struggle to stretch beyond their limits

Be succinct while proclaiming astounding victories
Whenever it means you might hog the highlights
As teamwork makes it possible to achieve results
Even if you’re driving initiatives aligned to priorities

Be reticent while receiving critical acclaim from experts
Whenever teams excel in raising bar at setting standards
As skills are critical to persisting in accomplishing missions
Even if teams struggle while stretching their limits

Be ebullient while applauding your teams’ achievements
Whenever teams’re consistent in attaining mastery levels
As sustaining morale is one of your prime responsibilities
Even if it means prioritizing teams’ interest over yours




Consultant, Entrepreneur; Loves to help people find their mojo in Living by Design!!

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Ramana Murthy H V

Ramana Murthy H V

Consultant, Entrepreneur; Loves to help people find their mojo in Living by Design!!

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