Life on A Beach!

Multitude of Sea Waves always Galore
On the brink of mesmerizing seashore

Some emerging from quietude of depths
Others quietly receding back into depths

As the emerging wave gains momentum
Receding wave humbly makes itself mum

Its the gap between the two that roars
Like a lion launching itself on its preys

As waves breach shore with deafening noise
Life celebrates itself with its signature poise

Its a spectacular grandeur to rave for sure
For some lost in watching the sky so azure

As Sun rises above a quiet ocean majestically
Kissing waters with Golden Sunshine brilliantly

People enjoy riding on waves rising ashore
Plunging into ecstacy as they hit the shore

Some happy Souls collect seashells on shore
While some are busy making castles ashore

Kids playing games ashore steal the thunder
Elders watch all fun as the Sun rises in wonder

People make so much merry in ways multitude
As the Sea celebrates it’s day in serene solitude!



Business Excellence Analyst building futuristic SEVA (Sustainable, Evolutionary, Visionary and Agile) Business Models leveraging self-organizing Systems

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