Inner Child...


— A neglected Soul within

Here I am; a sad, bruised Inner Child within
Craving for attention through thick and thin
Confused as to why there’s so much pain
Criticized for being innocent from within

It cries when it gets beaten now and then
It sulks at being neglected for no reason
It feels jealous when others get attention
It shuns those cribbing n spouting poison

Well, all isn’t lost to recoup the situation
All that it needs is just love and affection
Give a tight hug whenever it feels forlorn
Plant kisses on cheeks, it’ll blush and run

It gets curious when things twist n turn
It pesters you with many a silly question
It revels in pompous show n frolic fun
It erupts in joy once it receives adulation!



Ramana Murthy H V

Business Excellence Analyst building futuristic SEVA (Sustainable, Evolutionary, Visionary and Agile) Business Models leveraging self-organizing Systems