— What’s it?

Here’s a definition:

S — Spooling

K — Know how

I — Ingrained from

L — Leveraging

L — Learning Framework

Leveraging the keyword in developing skills. Here’s why.

Leveraging calls for applying the knowhow imparted by a learning framework to different situations and deliver desired outcomes.



— Life's Best Kept Secrets!!

What could be Life's Best Kept Secrets while trying to balance it?

Ownership is delicate balancing act between commitment and discipline

Commitment is delicate balancing act between Competence and Conscience

Discipline is delicate balancing act between what you want now (Infatuation) and what you want most (Integrity)



Ramana Murthy H V

Ramana Murthy H V

Consultant, Entrepreneur; Loves to help people find their mojo in Living by Design!!