— Key attributes to shape your Marketing strategy

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P — Pains
E — Enticements
R — Retreats
S — Secrets
O — Opportunities
N — Networks
A — Afflictions



— 3C's which make it so

Well its really nutty to say so!

Everyone knows its the most coveted skill!

What makes it so?

Here’re 3 C’s contributing to its haloed legacy..

And hold your breath…

There are 4 more C’s corresponding to each one for counterbalancing it.

‌Clarity: causes one to stay ahead in Business…



— 3 E’s which shape its Effectiveness

Are these things routinely common at a workplace:

- Team members pulling in different directions?

- Disorderly execution of deliverables?

- Mediocre skills affecting quality of outcomes?

The fix would be improving effectiveness of Ownership!

How does it happen?

Here are 3E’s which would shape things:

  • Engagement: Team members highly…



Ramana Murthy H V

Ramana Murthy H V

Business Excellence Analyst building futuristic SEVA (Sustainable, Evolutionary, Visionary and Agile) Business Models leveraging self-organizing Systems