— Wily Wolf of Self tough to outclass!

I’m a lone wolf in this world called Selfishness
Posing myself as pious soul of righteousness

My Tail vigorously wags as my mouth salivates
When taking things from others only matters

My Head swags violently as my mouth dries
When giving things to others raises alarms

And my best friend called ego always supports
When I it hears foul cries from spiritual sharks

It feeds me with justifications overtly prestigious
Gives me confidence I can be covertly capricious

Masks my Machiavellian maneuvers as mildness
Browbeats others into pandering to my brashness

Meekly blinks before my avaricious greediness
Justifies my ungrateful demeanor as courteous

Raises hue n cry when opposed by righteousness
Pretends as victim to unreasonable fastidiousness

Surely I’m a formidable force for others to surpass
As only instinctively poised presence can outclass



— That could Change your Life!!

That separate one from being peaceful n happy
When one duly forgets to rekindle them everyday

That bring tears of joy in one who’s besotten
When getting help while drowning in desperation

That make the tectonic shift happen in life
When one feels hopelessly miserable in Strife

That bridge the gap between joy and sorrow
Whence one’ll plough life with love as furrow

That pave the way for miracles to abound
When uttered with faith emotionally unbound

That channelize love to transform negativity
When one prays for solace wholeheartedly

That manifest Abundance in all walks of one’s life
When rendered to get rid of misery running rife

That summon all the forces in the Universe
When one expresses many wishes diverse

That are simple yet profoundly meaningful
When one says THANK YOU that’s soulful



— Secret Equation of Love!!

Figuratively speaking, pain is reverse of love!

i. e. evol = love spelt in reverse, means pain

So, pain = evol = — (love) !

Therefore, pain is reverse polarised love.

And, if we substitute this in the word evolve,

(evol)ve = — (love)ve OR

evolve = — (love)ve

This is expressing polarity of reversed love, like we say +ve for positive etc.

Now, consider what this equation of evolve means!!

When you experience pain, you're basically experiencing reversed love.

And the polarity of this reversed love is nothing but "evolve"!!!

In other words, You evolve when you experience pain which is reverse polarity of love!

Crazy, isn't it? Any thoughts?



Ramana Murthy H V

Ramana Murthy H V

Consultant, Entrepreneur; Loves to help people find their mojo in Living by Design!!